>Tuesdays Take Me Back: Island Pastries

> This isn’t so much a recipe post as it is a plea for help post. Today I am “Taking You Back” with Island Patries. Locally, they are called tarts. Oh, tempting, cakey, ever so tasty tarts. How do they do it? I have tried to recreate these scrumptious little treats… alas to no avail. … Continue reading

>Tuesdays Take Me Back: Malta

> When I was at Publix the other day, I was shopping for something in the “International” aisle and a craving came over me. I had to have a Malta. What is a Malta, you ask? It is a carbonated malt beverage that I used to drink all the time back in the Caribbean. I couldn’t … Continue reading

>Tuesdays Take Me Back: Milk and Rice (aka Rice Pudding)

> What do you do with leftover white rice – besides having it again for dinner the next night? My mother knew exactly what to do with it, and usually the next morning or afternoon she would serve up what she called milk and rice. I was craving some of this the day after I … Continue reading

>Tuesdays Take Me Back: Coconut Curry Shrimp

> You can find curry dishes on just about any island. Usually it will be with chicken or goat or even duck, but I felt like doing shrimp today. Sure this makes it more of a Thai dish the way I did it, but it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want right? … Continue reading

>Tuesdays Take Me Back Favorites

>In case you have not been paying attention to the happenings of my blog, or you just started following me, I wanted to call to your attention some favorites that I have touched on in the “Tuesdays Take Me Back” blog series. In an effort to take you back to something that you may have … Continue reading

>Tuesdays Take Me Back: Caribbean Oxtails

> An oxtail is just that, the tail of an ox. Well, nowadays it is actually a term that refers to the tail of any cattle. If you haven’t heard of oxtail, then you probably haven’t been to the Caribbean or the Southern U.S. Typically you will find it in soups or stews and the … Continue reading