Wordless Wednesday: Hungry Girl’s Dy-no-mite Dream Shrimp

Dy-no-mite Shrimp

Hungry Girl’s Dy-no-mite Dream Shrimp Advertisements

Fat Camp Friday #25: Easter Brownie Cupcake Baskets

Easter is right around the corner! Here is a fun little treat to make with your kids and share with family and friends. I made the brownies using the recipe below (from Wilton), but to make it even easier, just use your favorite brownie mix.

Mac and Cheese Quest: Grown Up Mac and Cheese

>Fat Camp Friday #24: Almost Famous Garlic Noodles

> Do you recognize these noodles? You should if you frequent PF Chang’s China Bistro. Garlic noodles. They come as an optional side item and I recommend getting them every time, because they are delicious. Good news is, I now know how to make them at home. If you haven’t had these before, they boast … Continue reading

>Fat Camp Friday #23: Oreo Stuffed Lemon Cookies

> Are you ready for something sweet? In true Fat Camp Friday Style, I am bringing you a nice little cookie treat. Golden Oreos stuffed inside a lemon cookie with more Oreos crushed on top – muffin tin style. Yum. Not as rich as some of the other stuffed cookies out there and you can … Continue reading

>Kitchen Blunders: Ooey Gooey Marshmallow Mess

> Silly me. I thought I could take these ingredients: Mix them with marshmallows, and turn them into the tastiest treat ever. Well, I got the tasty part right, but this wasn’t going to win any beauty pageants. Oh sure, go ahead, make fun! I can take it. I thought I was going to bring … Continue reading