>Cookbook Challenge: Guy Fieri’s Hot and Spicy Pie

> I headed back to my March issue of Food Network Magazine for this challenge when I saw this chocked full-o goodness pizza by Guy Fieri. I love Guy and “I wouldn’t kick his meals out of bed”, but he is known for using tons of ingredients, albeit lots of flavor. This pizza is no exception. … Continue reading

>Fat Camp Friday #19: Chicken and Mushroom Piccata

> Around here, we love Chicken Piccata. It is one of the few dishes that show up on my meal plan every month without fail. The tanginess of the lemons and capers are such a great combination with the white wine butter sauce. I added mushrooms to this version and my husband says that there … Continue reading

>Fat Camp Friday #12: Chicken Tortilla Soup

> I love a good soup, and this one is no exception. A couple of years ago, I had some Chicken Tortilla Soup at Atlanta Bread Company that was out of this world. Haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since and every once in a while I would get a craving for it. … Continue reading

>Fat Camp Friday #4: Chicken Enchiladas

> Chicken enchiladas should be a staple in everyone’s menu rolodex, and when you find an all around good recipe, bookmark it, save it in your file – just don’t let it go. Look no further, this is it. Here is the recipe that I use, it is a combination of recipes that I found along … Continue reading

>Cookbook Challenge: Chicken Stir-Fry Wraps

> Brenda’s Canadian Kitchen did a weekly blog hop called Cookbook Sundays and she inspired me to dust off some of my old cookbooks and make some recipes that I have never made before. So, I am going to try this out – for as long as I can anyways – and find some new … Continue reading

>Fat Camp Friday #1: Chicken Fajita Tortilla Nachos

> This is the second post today, hop on over and check out my Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream. It’s officially here! The first installment of Fat Camp Fridays!!! Today, I had a different recipe lined up for you guys, but I made this dish a few nights ago and really liked it so I thought … Continue reading