>Peanut Butter Cup-Cakes & Fat Camp Friday #8

> So, this is really late for me to be posting on a Friday, but it has been a busy day – can I get a break? This is my last day of 5 days of holiday gifting. This week was fun and I hope you guys all enjoyed the treats I brought you. I … Continue reading

>Mini Drunken Pecan Pies

> Pecan pie is one of the most popular pies around, especially in the south. In my house, it is one of my husband’s favorites. This year I decided to do mini pies with a little something extra. Whiskey. I used Johnny Walker Whiskey, but anything that is good for drinking straight up will be fine. … Continue reading

>Peppermint Bark Candy Bar: In the Pink

> Man, I am having so much fun at my house this week! My husband however, thinks there is way too much stuff going on over here. Although I don’t see him avoiding the treats. Don’t tell him I mentioned anything though. Next up, good old holiday peppermint bark. Watch out Williams-Sonoma, I don’t need … Continue reading

>Chocolate Dipped Butterscotch Biscotti and Hot Cocoa

> Well, that’s a mouthful! Continuing with the 5 Days of Holiday Gifting, this is a recipe that I adapted based on what I had in the house at the time and it came out great! But then again, chocolate, butterscotch and a biscotti recipe; could I go wrong? If you are traveling for the … Continue reading

>’Tis the Season for: Muffin-Tin S’mores

> Let’s all take a moment to delve back into our childhood. Whether it be Boy Scouts or Brownies or camping with dad, we all remember that tasty little campfire treat called a S’more. Well, fast forward 20 years (for me anyways) and put a new twist on it. Sometimes there is no campfire nearby … Continue reading