Welcome to Mangoes and Chutney! OK, so what is with the name? Well, I was born in the Virgin Islands and mangoes were my favorite fruit growing up. As for the chutney…doesn’t everything taste great with a little sauce or chutney?
I have always liked food. Who doesn’t – and you’re crazy if you say you don’t. But, I didn’t come into my own with cooking until I married my husband. I guess it came from a feeling…that I wanted to make him good food. So I set out to get better at cooking. Now we have a beautiful daughter and it became that much more important to put good food on the table. I want her to grow up saying “my mom is such a great cook” or “I learned that from my mom”. Nothing would make me happier (well, there are a few things, but you know what I mean).
I started this blog to share my love of food with whoever wants to read. I learned about cooking early on, but surprisingly enough it was through my dad, not so much my mom. My mom is not a good teacher, she’s more the silent “watch me if you want to learn” type. I do credit my mom with a lot of things though, and I do go back to her great home cooked meals in my mind. In fact, I wanted to use this blog to revisit some of those meals that I remember from my past…and come up with a few new ones as well.If you are a home cook or a wanna be foodie, I put forth the question what’s for dinner this week? Like myself, you are likely in search of new cuisines. This blog strives to provide new recipes, some island knowledge, and a few cooking tidbits, all infused with a little humor.
So… armed with a Macbook, some recipes and knowledge about cooking, I look forward to expanding my knowledge through my readers and my blogging.
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