Top 35 Websites for Foodies and Food Lovers

Food and Websitesfood·ie

A person who has an ardent or refined interest in food; An informal term for a particular class of aficionado of food and drink; Someone who is interested in foods, cooking, and the latest food and restaurant fads.

If you are reading this blog, then you can probably call yourself a foodie to some degree. Everyday, I find myself more and more enthralled in the world of food and since there are so many websites on the internet for people like us, I thought it would be helpful to point out some of my favs and some of the top rated or most popular foodie websites.

I categorized these sites, and although some of them were hard to throw into one category, I picked what I thought was the most prevalent topic of the site and went with that one. Check out the list – then I want you to tell me any that I should check out, because we all know that this is not by any means comprehensive.

 Scroll down for categories: Blogs | Photograzing | Recipes | Community | News & Informational | Food Shopping | Videos


Figured I would start here since I am, well, a blogger. There is just something special about finding a blog that you like to read, and an author that you feel like you can connect with. I hope that I have that with some of you – even though I have not met many of you. Here are some of the top rated blogs in bloggyland right now.

1. The Pioneer Woman Cooks

(blog, recipes) If you blog, you have heard of Pioneer Woman. If you read blogs, you most possibly have heard of Pioneer Woman. Ree Drummond. Not sure how she does everything that she does, but I would love to do it all. Not just a foodie, she is a jack of all trades and has a blog for just about all of it. Cooking, homeschooling, photography, family, home & garden. Great writing, great photos, check it out.

2. Smitten Kitchen

(blog, recipes, tutorials) I just love the look of this non-stuffy blog. From tutorials to abundant recipes, you will find something you like here.

3. 101 Cookbooks

(blog, recipes)  Cookbooks. We all love them, and some people collect them more than others. Ever find yourself in the middle of spring cleaning only to find TONS of cookbooks that you never even cracked open? Enter 101 Cookbooks. A photographer and cookbook author, Heidi began the site in 2003 to chronicle the recipes of her many cookbooks.

4. Baking Bites

(blog, recipes) Going since 2004, this is your site if you are into everything about baking. The site also has so much more going on – baking tips, advice, food news and reviews are also scattered throughout.

5. Steamy Kitchen

(blog, recipes) I love Jaden Hair and her wonderful writing and this is one of the first blogs I started reading. I was actually inspired by her blog and after reading Steamy Kitchen, I knew this was something I wanted to do. Mom, author, food columnist and photographer, she does it all and knows how to bring it to her blog. Her recipes are easy enough to do yet give this air of elegance. One of the best I’ve personally seen.

6. The Best Food Blog Ever

(blog, recipes, reviews, interviews) There is a lot going on here and you will find more than just recipes. Reviews, reviews, interviews. Check it out.


What the heck is photograzing? These sites showcase the best food photos and blog posts submitted by bloggers. Getting lost in these sites is a real treat.

7. Food Gawker

(photograzing, blog surfing) This site is absolutely beautiful and if you love looking at photos of food as much (or more than) reading about it, you will get your fill here. Not to mention, it leads you to these wonderful blog authors where you can find the fabulous recipes and maybe a new blog to follow!

8. Taste Spotting

(photograzing, blog surfing) Just like Food gawker, you can find some of the most beautiful food on this site. Works the same way too – spot good food, click on the picture, get the recipe and the blog.

9. Food and Fizz

(photograzing, blog surfing) Not as popular as the other two, but you can still run into some really great finds on this site.


This list wouldn’t be anything without including the many places you can go to find fabulous recipes. If you use even a couple of these sites, you can find plenty of recipes to tide you over for a very, very long time.

10. Epicurious

(recipes, informational, articles, communities) Backed by it’s popular partners Bon Apetite and Gourmet Magazines, this is one of the most popular recipe and information sites out there.

11. Martha Stewart

(recipes) There is a lot more than just food going on over at Martha Stewart’s site, as we all know she is the queen of everything home. The recipes are worth the visit alone, but the bonus is the cookie of the day recipe!

12. Food Network

(recipes) We all know and love the Food Network stars. They are not everyone’s cup of tea, but never the less, you are bound to find some great food here.

13. Yummly

(recipes) A whole different kind of recipe site. Yummly brings together recipes from all over the web with one search. Not only that, you can set your dietary preferences and it retrieves only recipes based on your tastes. Finally, it recommends recipes based on your patterns. Nice!

14. Cookstr

(recipes) A collection of recipes compiled from chefs and cookbook authors.

15. Allrecipes

(recipes, videos) With over 40,000 recipes here, it easily is one of my favorites. Usually when I perform a web search, a recipe from allrecipes almost always comes up on the front page. They’ve got how to videos on their .tv site and now a menu planner (using the subscription service). You can also create a profile, save recipes and leave reviews for free.

16. Supercook

(recipes) A new recipe search engine that finds recipes you can make with only the ingredients you have at home. Ever wanted to know what you could make with olives, ketchup, spaghetti and chicken? Type it all in and you will get some recipe suggestions. I will have to use this site more often!

 17. Food 52

(recipes, contests, videos, blog) A site that celebrates the home cook by bringing together tons of recipes, engaging everyone in cooking contests all while bringing together a great community.

18. Tastebook

(recipes search, videos, bookstore, create your own cookbooks) Another recipe search from all sites and magazines on the web. You can create a profile, save recipes and create your own cookbook.

19. Serious Eats

(recipes, photograzing, community) Recipes, articles, photos, pizza, hamburgers, drinks and more – this is a fun website.


Where can you connect with other foodies who share your interests? Whether you are a blogger or a cook or an avid food reader, you can find someplace to belong among these community based sites.

20. Chowhound

(community, advice) A community for foodies to get together and give advice and tips about restaurants, bars, food, wine, beer, etc.

21. Food Buzz

(community, recipes) A food blog community that brings together all of the best content from food blogs around the web. There are so many different features and categories on this site, from Flavor of the Month to Family Bites, you won’t get bored here.

22. Tasty Kitchen

(community, recipes

) Join this community of home cooks – created by Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman (see above) – and find a whole lot of great recipes to try.

23. Bake Space

(community, recipes) Here you can swap recipes, visit the forums, upload videos and build your own online kitchen. “Come for the recipes, stay for the company.”

News / Informational

It’s not always about recipes and fun. SOmetimes we need to know what is happening on the wire. Get the food news and information you need from these sites.

24. Nutrition Data

(informational) A partner site of Epicurious, Self magazine and other Conde Nast publications, get all of your nutrition info here. So in depth, it’s unbelievable. They even have a blog here!

25. WH Foods

(informational, recipes) Also known as World’s Healthiest Foods, this is a great site for the healthy side in all of us. They feature a food of the week, tell you all about it and give you recipes. Tons of info on this site as well.

26. Slashfood

(news, recipes, reviews, features) Ever wondered what the biggest news in food is? Find it here, along with recipes, reviews and feature articles.

27. Foodista

(informational, recipes, advice) The Wikipedia of food knowledge, Foodista is the cooking encyclopedia everyone can edit.

28. Cooking for Engineers

(articles, cooking tests, community) Community forums and step by step guides for the more technical cook.

Food Shopping

 Sometimes you just can’t find what you need at your local stores or supermarkets. These sites have everything from local and exotic foods, to gadgets you may have never seen before. One of my favorite stores is on the list and someday I will own just about everything in it.

29. Foodzie

(buy, sell) Marketplace for specialty online foods, buy and sell food gifts and artisan foods.

30. Foodoro

(buy, sell)  Marketplace to buy and sell gourmet food.

31. Chef Shop

(buy) Specialty foods, weekly food articles, cooking workshops and recipes.

32. Williams-Sonoma

(buy) Your source for gourmet foods and professional quality cookware. My favorite!


 If you are a visual person or just need further instruction and cooking demos, these sites will fulfill that need.

33. In Your Kitchen

Videos, member recipes, chef recipes.

34. Rouxbe

(Online Culinary School) You can’t get better than an online cooking school for videos. Rouxbe has an extensive database for everyone from the novice to the expert. Over 1000 videos and 70+ cooking lessons – tell them I sent you and receive a 14 day free trial (instead of the normal 7).

35. Top Chef University

(Online Culinary School) Similar to Rouxbe and probably their biggest competitor, this site brings you cooking lessons instructed by your favorite Top Chef players. They are priced lower than Rouxbe and have a demo video available (no free trial).


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