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    Baked Potato Salad @ Seaside Simplicity

    Baked Potato Salad @ Seaside Simplicity

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Top 35 Websites for Foodies and Food Lovers

food·ie A person who has an ardent or refined interest in food; An informal term for a particular class of aficionado of food and drink; Someone who is interested in foods, cooking, and the latest food and restaurant fads. If you are reading this blog, then you can probably call yourself a foodie to some … Continue reading

Dy-no-mite Shrimp

Fat Camp Friday #25: Easter Brownie Cupcake Baskets

Easter is right around the corner! Here is a fun little treat to make with your kids and share with family and friends. I made the brownies using the recipe below (from Wilton), but to make it even easier, just use your favorite brownie mix.

Featured Blog: Joyful Homemaking

Fat Camp Friday #24: Almost Famous Garlic Noodles, brought out some great food! I had a hard time this week picking my favs, but the First Impression Spoon goes to Joyful Homemaking! Check out the recipe she chose to feature on Friday: Easy Yummy Doughnuts